Here you will find a list of all PADI courses I am qualified to teach:

Beginner Courses

  • Discover Scuba Diving - If you only have a day left on your holiday, or perhaps you want to try a dive before committing to the full Open Water course, then this is for you. A quick safety briefing and then it's out into the water for a fully supervised introduction to the underwater world.
  • Open Water - This is the course most people take, and qualifies you to dive with a buddy anywhere in the world. It takes about 3 and a half days, and includes developing your dive theory knowledge, some practice in shallow water, then 4 dives in open water.

Continuing Education

  • Scuba Review - If you've been out of the water for a while you'll need to brush up on your skills with this quick refresher.
  • Adventure Dive - Want to try something new underwater but don't want to commit to a full Specialty course? An single Adventure Dive gives you a taste and can be credited to your Advanced Open Water rating.
  • Advanced Open Water - Combines 5 Adventure Dives, including Navigation and Deep, to broaden your knowledge and experience of underwater activities. You will also extend your maximum depth limit to 30 metres.
  • Emergency First Response - A one day course teaching you CPR and basic first aid, this is a prerequisite for the Rescue Diver course.
  • Rescue Diver - The most satisfying course you will ever take, this teaches you how to deal with diver emergencies. A demanding course, but also the most fun for all involved.

Specialty Courses

  • Deep - Takes you to the depth limit of recreational diving - 40 metres.
  • Enriched Air - Extend your time limits by reducing your nitrogen intake.
  • Digital Underwater Photographer - Learn how to take good looking photographs underwater with a digital camera.
  • Night - Experience the thrill of diving at night.
  • Wreck - Learn the techniques for diving safely around a wreck and venturing inside.
  • Underwater Navigator - Learn how to use a compass and natural references to never get lost again!
  • Underwater Naturalist - Expand your knowledge of aquatic life forms and their relationships with each other.
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy - Fine-tune your buoyancy control and glide effortlessly like a pro.
  • Project AWARE Fish Identification - Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing exactly what fish you are seeing.
  • Multilevel - Learn how to plan and execute multilevel dives, extending your time limits without a computer.
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider - Become trained in setting up an oxygen kit and administering it in the event of an emergency.

Tec Diving

  • Discover Tec - Introduces you to tec equipment and basic procedures. Not a certification, but very fun!
  • Tec 40 - Your first step into the world of tec diving, this course teaches you how to plan and execute limited decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 metres.
  • Tec 45 - Build on your knowledge and skills to make decompression dives using Enriched Air and Oxygen to a maximum depth of 45 metres.
  • Tec 50 - Plan and execute multistop decompression dives with up to 2 gases for accelerated decompression to a maximum depth of 50 metres.