Open Water

The first level of scuba diving certification, completing this course gives you access to dive sites all over the world. The course is made up of an academics portion, skill practice in shallow water, and 4 open water dives. Academics involves watching a video, studying your Open Water Manual and completing knowledge tests at the end of each chapter. A final exam seals the deal on the last day. Skill practice will be done either off the beach or in a pool, and can be usually be done in a single day. You'll put your new knowledge of diving into practice with 2 open water dives per day, to a maximum of 12 metres on dives 1 and 2, and 18 metres on dives 3 and 4. Your internationally recognised certification opens up the world of scuba diving to you!

Schedule: 3 and 1/2 days.

Dives: 4.