Rescue Diver

Perhaps the most demanding and challenging course you'll ever do, but also the most fun. You'll learn the skills to identify and prevent problems from occuring, saving yourself from emergency situations, and responding to other divers in need of assistance. Your study will include watching the video, reading the manual, doing knowledge reviews and a final exam. We'll practice self rescue skills and diver assistance in shallow water first, before moving to open water. There we'll go over them again, and also have you practice responding from the boat. On the final day your rescue skills will be put to the test as you respond to a series of scenarios with "victims" in various states of distress both underwater and on the surface. If you dive frequently with the same buddy, be sure to sign them up as well. You'll dive with confidence following the course, plus it's great fun to play victim for each other!

Schedule: 2 and 1/2 days.

Dives: Multiple scenarios.